Canaiolo is a red wine grape grown predominantly in the central Italian regions, primarily Tuscany. Its lineage can be traced back to antiquity, with the first historical mention in the 1300s, making it one of Italy's oldest wine grapes. It is often overshadowed by its more famous Tuscan neighbour, the Sangiovese grape, but it has an important role in the rich tapestry of Italian wine history.

Though not widely grown for single varietal wines, Canaiolo's true strength lies in its blending capabilities, particularly in the production of Chianti and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Traditionally, Canaiolo was used alongside Sangiovese to soften the latter’s tannic edge, adding a lush fruitiness and depth of complexity to the wine. Its notable drought resistance also makes it an important component in many blends.

The grape itself has dark-hued, medium-sized berries and tends to ripen later in the season than its Tuscan counterparts. It produces wines with a striking ruby red colour, with notes of red and dark fruits, such as cherries and plums, and sometimes it can portray herbal undertones in its aroma profile. The taste usually possesses moderate acidity, though this can vary based on growing conditions and winemaking techniques.

Canaiolo has seen a decrease in cultivation over the past decades, but recent winemaking trends and an appreciation of traditional Italian wines have sparked renewed interest in this historical grape variety. Though it may not garner the same recognition as other Italian grape varieties, Canaiolo possesses an inherent charm that lends itself well to the rustic, complex red wines Italy is renowned for. With an increasing focus on preserving and appreciating local varieties worldwide, Canaiolo seems poised to gain a more prominent role in the future.

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