Cinsault is a delightful, dark-skinned grape variety that originates from France but is widely grown across many other parts of the world. It should not be mistaken for a minor player in viticulture as it produces an impressively large and juicy grape that is savoured by many, particularly in Southern France, Italy, Australia, and Africa.

Historically, this grape has had a background role, rarely taking the spotlight and instead being used in conjunction with other grapes to produce a blend. However, it does make a significant contribution, adding a lovely fruitiness and a soft, gentle nature to the final product.

Cinsault is typically harvested quite early, usually contributing to its fresh floral and strawberry-like flavours. The grape is known for its tolerance to heat, draught, and insects, making it an integral part of the viticulture in warmer, Mediterranean regions.

Moreover, the Cinsault grape is the parent of many emblematic grape varieties, such as the globally popular Pinotage, a blend of Cinsault and Pinot Noir, widely known in South Africa.

Although traditionally used in blends, the recent trend in wine production has been to cherish the individual characteristics of unique grape varieties. As a result, the sweet, light and comforting flavours of Cinsault are starting to be appreciated in their own right. It is being used to create some delightful varietal wines, often utilised in rosé production, with their fruity and easy-to-drink characteristics winning the favour of many wine drinkers.

In sum, the Cinsault grape is an integral part of the world’s wine production, thanks to its reliability and delightful flavours. Its evolution from a humble blending component to the star of the show in its own varietal wines is a testament to its appeal, ensuring it remains firmly planted in vineyards around the world.

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