The Colorino grape is a distinct variety of black-skinned grape, utilised primarily in blends to bestow a deep, opaque hue, from which it derives its name 'Colorino', translating literally to 'colour giver'. Predominantly found in the Tuscany region of Italy, it is commonly used in blending classic Tuscan wines like Chianti and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, but it's also used in varietal wines on rare occasions.

Boasting an immensely impressive pigment intensity, the grape also confers a certain tannic structure and a lively acidity to the wines. They are comparatively low in alcohol but are robust, possessing a commanding intensity that befits the most dignified of Italian wines.

Their clusters are typically small to medium-sized, tightly packed with round, moderately sized grapes bountiful in colour. While their practical use in winemaking has decreased over the years, with the ever-increasing emphasis on native varietals, the Colorino grape has undergone a sort of resurgence, its rich contributions in colour and structure being recognised anew.

Despite being more challenging to cultivate, demanding specific conditions to prosper and reach optimum ripeness, the Colorino grape is nurtured devotedly in Tuscany. The particularly warm and sunny Tuscan climate is, in fact, ideal for the grape, letting it access the sunlight it so badly needs to mature fully.

Wines produced with the presence of the Colorino grape are frequently fuller-bodied, exude dark fruit flavours, and usually have a longer ageing potential. They swirl in the glass with a dark, intriguing red tinge. An often neglected glory from the landscape of Italian viticulture, the Colorino grape is a rather unique offering that elevates a blend with its rich colour and striking character.

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