Corvinone is an indigenous grape variety hailing from the Veneto region of North-Eastern Italy. Despite it bearing resemblance to the better known Corvina grape — in terms of name and region of cultivation — Corvinone distinguishes itself in different aspects. It's important to note that DNA profiling has ascertained that these are two separate grape varieties.

This dark skinned grape is notable for its contribution towards some of the region's finest wines such as Amarone della Valpolicella and Valpolicella Ripasso. With a roving maturation period until late October, Corvinone grapes have higher acidity levels and possess thick skins that are ideal for the traditional 'appassimento' process; a technique involving the drying of harvested grapes before pressing and fermentation.

In terms of taste, Corvinone imparts a wide range of robust flavours. The natural higher acidity level results in a concentration of rich, dark fruit flavours like black cherries and plums, while also providing an endearing freshness to the palate. The wine also displays attractive notes of dark chocolate, dried herbs and spices, particularly when it has been aged in oak.

Corvinone is typically used in blends, mostly in combination with the Corvina grape, and occasionally with other local grapes such as Rondinella, contributing significant complexity and structure to the wines. It’s also lauded for its high tannin content that can add a distinct structure and body to wines, as well as its innate resistance to disease, making it a preferred choice for many vine-growers.

However, owing to the late ripening of Corvinone and the complexities of its cultivation, the grape is not extensively grown outside its native region. Regardless, its potent flavours and unique characteristics have, regardless, ensured its standing in the world of viticulture. Due to these attributes, Corvinone is considered an exceptional grape that produces wines of a very high quality.

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