The Fiano grape is a white Italian varietal that is highly valued for its assertive character and complex flavour profile. This grape variety is most commonly associated with the Campania region of Italy, although it can now be found in vineyards worldwide due to its adaptable nature.

Originally known in Italy as 'Vitis Apiana,' the Fiano grape is reputed to have been a favourite amongst the bees, hence 'Apiana,' derived from 'Apis', meaning bee in Latin. The grape produces white wines known for their floral and honeyed aroma, which admittedly could seduce any apian creature.

The flavour profile of Fiano wine is rich, with volleys of toasted hazelnuts, spice, and exotic fruits usually apparent on the palate. These flavours are often underscored by an intense minerality and acidity, bestowing the wine with structure and length. Exceptionally, these wines can be beautifully aged, their flavours becoming more robust and honey-like over time.

Fiano often produces a deep, gold-coloured wine which brilliantly reflects the hidden complexities of this grape. The wine pairs remarkably well with a wide range of foods, particularly with seafood and rich pasta dishes, due to its full-bodied nature and high level of acidity. It's a versatile grape that delivers exciting wines with layers of fascinating flavour profiles.

Although not as globally renowned as Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, Fiano grape certainly does not lack in character nor in quality. Its rich flavour profile, versatility, and storied past make Fiano wine a compelling choice for white wine appreciators eager to explore beyond the more mainstream varietals. This grape has a promising future, offering winemakers and wine-lovers alike a sophisticated base for complex and characterful whites.

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