Grenache Blanc

Grenache Blanc

Grenache Blanc, also known as Garnatxa Blanca, is a popular grape variant native to northeast Spain. Being a white mutation of the red Grenache variety, it's cultivated extensively in France, particularly in the Rhône Valley where it is one of the main components of the celebrated white Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine. The grape variety is a significant part of the local winemaking tradition and contributes notably to the diverse wine portfolio of the region.

The Grenache Blanc grape is renowned for its adaptability, being resilient to a wide range of climatic conditions and soil varieties. It is a vigorously growing grape with a high yield, appreciated for its plump berries that feature thick skins and are naturally high in both sugar and acid. This provides a balance of sweetness and tartness that translates well into the resulting wine.

Grenache Blanc wines are prized for their rich, full flavour profile, characterised by notable citrus undertones and slight hints of fruit such as pear, green apple, and peach. The wine's rather high alcohol content tends to underline this opulent palette, lending the Grenache Blanc an attractive depth. In terms of texture, these wines possess an offering of full-bodied creaminess that is often balanced by a crisp, even mineral aftertaste.

Many wine enthusiasts also praise Grenache Blanc for its impressive aging capacity. In fact, it matures gracefully, developing nuanced aromas of honey and hazelnuts over several years. Though typically used in blends, in recent years it has also gained recognition in its single-varietal form, allowing enthusiasts to better appreciate its unique qualities. All these factors have secured the Grenache Blanc grape a distinguished position amidst the constellation of global grape varieties.

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