Originally hailing from Spain, the Mourvèdre grape is a dark-skinned, heat-loving varietal that has been grown with increasing popularity mainly in the Mediterranean regions of France, as well as California and Australia. Known for its thick skin and high tannin content, the grapes grown from the Mourvèdre vine often hold an intense fruit flavour, amplified by robust savoury notes that starkly set it apart from its more sweet-berry counterparts.

The grape is particularly versatile, providing a bold backbone for varietal blending, yet also holding its own as a full-bodied single variety wine. When used in blends, Mourvèdre is frequently married with Grenache, Carignan, or Syrah – its unique profile offering a certain depth and complexity to lighter, fruitier wines. However, when allowed to fully ripen and treated with care, Mourvèdre grapes produce wines capable of significant ageing, developing intricate flavours and aromas over time in the bottle.

Most wines crafted from Mourvèdre grapes showcase a supreme balance of fruit, spice, and tannic undertones. Dark fruit flavours like blackberry, plum, and black cherry are commonly bejeweled with hints of black pepper, thyme, or rosemary. In terms of body, Mourvèdre is undoubtedly full, featuring a high alcohol content and a rich, chewy texture that can feel almost meaty. With age, Mourvèdre wines bring forth more gamey characteristics, like leather and truffle, and the tannins become exceedingly smooth.

However, Mourvèdre can be a challenging grape to grow, requiring warm climates for optimal growth and ripeness, but also needing to avoid overly hot temperatures that can result in overly-ripe, jammy flavours. Nevertheless, winemakers who do choose to tackle the Mourvèdre grape relish in its complexities, and the result is a bold, flavourful wine that offers an exploration of taste within each sip.

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