Old Vines

Old Vines

Old Vines grape is a term often employed to describe a range of wine varieties that grasps a significant heritage, predominantly deriving from vineyards where the grapevines are particularly mature, historically encompassing many decades. The age at which a vine is classified as 'old' varies among regions and vineyards. However, in a broad consensus, it is typically applied to vines over 40 years of age.

The Old Vines have the ability to offer not just a remarkable snapshot into a wine region's history, but also an extraordinary depth of character to the wines produced from these venerable plants. They evolve at a slower pace, and have a long-established root system that gives them a notable advantage to endure adverse weather conditions, thereby producing consistently good fruit.

The fruit produced from the Old Vines tends to be of superior quality compared to that of younger vines. The wisdom of age imparts a more concentrated, intricate and balanced array of flavours to the grapes. You are likely to encounter Old Vine wines that are appreciably concentrated, opulent, and featuring a depth of flavour that is challenging to mirror with more youthful vineyards.

While Old Vines grape is not a guarantee of quality, it invariably indicates a high level of care and consideration in the vineyard. Such vines typically produce a lesser quantity of fruit than their younger counterparts, demanding patience and diligence from winemakers. It is this commitment, combined with the vine's age, which results in exceptionally intriguing wines.

Thus, Old Vines, boasting resilience and ability to yield intense flavours, are incredibly valuable to the global wine sector. They help produce wines that are characteristically diverse, carrying a sense of the history and tradition of their respective regions. These noble veterans constitute an irreplaceable part of the world's vinous heritage.

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