Pinot Nero

Pinot Nero

The Pinot Nero grape, famously known the world over as Pinot Noir, has a storied history steeped in French wine culture, although its flourish and cultivation spread across the globe - from Scotland to South America, provides for a broad spectrum of flavour profiles.

This dark-skinned variety is famed for its propensity to produce deeply flavoursome and robust wines, with fungi, ripe cherries, and autumnal undertones contributing to a rich, earthy bouquet. Its high level of tannins manifests in a drink that is both potent and yet mellow, brimming with rustic charm and a velvety mouthfeel, contributing to its universal appeal.

Owing to its delicate nature, Pinot Nero grape requires extra care when being cultivated: it thrives in regions with a cooler climate, like in certain parts of Burgundy and California, where the slower ripening process allows to draw out this grape's distinctive flavour. However, managing its thin skin, and susceptibility to disease and spoilage does present a challenge to less seasoned viticulturists.

Despite these challenges, Pinot Nero continues to command a loyal following for those who desire a full-bodied red, that can complement a wide range of dishes, including game, chicken, and even fish. Its complexity makes it an intriguing wine for enthusiasts while its inherent charm happily seduces new followers.

Crucially, it is considered one of the best candidates for producing sparkling wines and finds a celebrated place in creating exquisite champagnes. This versatile grape can produce a range of wines, from light and fresh to dark and full-bodied, proving just why so many vintners choose to take up the challenge of the Pinot Nero.

All in all, Pinot Nero is renowned for its elegance and depth of flavour, a testament to the arduous process of its cultivation and vinification. But despite its inherent difficulties, the product of this grape's labour is a wine that is nothing short of harmonious – not just a joy to drink but an experience in itself.

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