Sangiovese is Italy's most widely planted and famed red variety, best recognised for its central role in the revered wines of Tuscany. Named after the Latin “Sanguis Jovis” or “Blood of Jupiter”, this grape has a rich history entwined with the Italian culture.

Being a thin-skinned grape, Sangiovese has a distinct light to medium body profile. Its diverse expressions range from fruity and simple to robust and complex, defined by an inherent balance between fresh acidity and firm tannic structure. The grape's versatile character allows it to embody a spectrum ranging from flavours of tart cherry, ripe tomato, roasted pepper, to earthy tones of brown spices and herbs. The diversity and flexibility of Sangiovese are unparalleled, enabling it to produce a variety of wine styles such as red, rosé, and sparkling wines.

Sangiovese's distinct personality shines best on the sun-drenched, limestone-rich hills of Tuscany, where it forms an intrinsic part of Italy's storied wine classifications, Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino. In Chianti, it is often blended with other varieties, while in Brunello it stands alone, producing wines of profound depth and longevity.

The Sangiovese vine is considered moderately vigorous and highly productive, resulting in careful farming practices to encourage quality over quantity. The grape’s late-ripening nature poses an additional challenge, requiring ideal exposure to achieve ripeness without over-exposure, leading to heat-induced flavours.

Despite inherent cultivation hurdles, Sangiovese's unique ability to reflect its terroir makes it a prized grape variety. This 'sense of place' translates into wines that exhibit a complex interplay of earthy and fruity traits, effectively capturing the character of Italian vineyards in each bottle. A true embodiment of Italian wine-making tradition, the Sangiovese grape paints a vibrant portrait of Italy's wine heritage, though it may be more rustic and robust than its suave counterparts.

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