Álvaro Palacios

Álvaro Palacios

About Álvaro Palacios

Álvaro Palacios winery, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Spain, beckons wine enthusiasts from around the globe. Founded by the eponymous Álvaro Palacios in 1989, this iconic winery is a testament to the passion, skill, and unparalleled dedication towards crafting exquisite wines. Having spent his formative years in the wine rich region of Bordeaux in France, Palacios returned to Spain with a sheer desire to elevate Spanish wine to the same stellar heights as their French counterparts.

Occupying a rugged terrain in the North-Eastern part of Spain, specifically Priorat region, the Palacios winery is blessed with an exceptional microclimate and unique soil composition, creating an idyllic setting for viticulture. This winery displays an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, resulting in organic and biodynamic practices being heavily incorporated into their wine production process.

The wines produced at Álvaro Palacios, are a reflection of Palacios' vision, and the distinctive character of Priorat. The harmonious fusion of traditional winemaking techniques with contemporary flair results in an array of wines that are rich in flavour textural complexity, and refined elegance. While it’s renowned for its reds, particularly those made from Garnacha and Carineña, the recent addition of Whites broadens the winery's impressive portfolio.

The winery’s flagship wine, L'Ermita, has been lauded by critics and connoisseurs alike, earning a coveted place amongst the world’s most sought-after wines. Since its first vintage in 1993, it stands as an epitome of finesse and grandeur while embodying the spirit of Priorat.

Visitors have the opportunity to witness firsthand, the labour of love that permeates every aspect of Álvaro Palacios, from meticulously maintained vineyards to the intricate winemaking process. Indeed, Álvaro Palacios winery is not just about crafting exceptional wines, it's about preserving a legacy staying true to tradition.

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