About Andeluna

Nestled at the foothills of the mesmerising Andes Mountains in Argentina, Andeluna winery is a beacon of viticultural luxury and sophistication. This winery is renowned for its robust, flavourful wines and an impressive range, from Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, to Chardonnay; Andeluna has something to tickle every wine enthusiast's fancy.

Placed in the heart of Uco Valley in Mendoza, the vineyard enjoys a unique microclimate fostering an ideal environment for the grapes. Steeped in rich, fertile soil and bathed in abundant sunlight, these are the vines that produce wines so luscious and indulgent, they're it is absolutely unforgettable to your palate.

The winery perfectly marries traditional techniques with modern technology to create wines that are a true homage to the region's terroir. Their passionate and dedicated team of artisans brings a touch of art, love, and meticulous attention to every bottle they produce; creating a unique signature that is Andeluna.

Visitors to the winery are taken on a fascinating journey, one filled with captivating narratives of rich heritage, innovative wine-crafting processes and a four-course wine pairing gourmet meal that will leave them yearning for more. Expect a warm Argentinian welcome, and be prepared to lose yourself in the breathtaking views of the Andean Peaks as the sun sets over the horizon.

But the magic of Andeluna doesn't stop at just creating gorgeous wines, they passionately believe in their stewardship of the land. Their commitment to sustainability is clear in all aspects of their operations, from vine to bottle; they're making a difference, one grape at a time.

A visit to Andeluna winery is more than a trip, it's a captivating experience imbued with finesse, charm, and majesty; a vivid celebration of Andean culture and the art of winemaking. The ambience, the delectable wines and the panoramic views will surely leave an imprint in your heart and your memory. Just one sip of their elegantly crafted, award-winning wines and you'll understand why Andeluna is a beloved gem in the wine world. It's the embodiment of sheer Argentinian bliss.

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