Antinori Prunotto

Antinori Prunotto

About Antinori Prunotto

Nestled amidst the verdant vineyards of the Piedmont region, the Antinori Prunotto Winery stands tall as a beacon of Italian viticulture. Established in 1904, this prestigious winery has nurtured a rich heritage and an equally delectable array of wines under the tutelage of Italy's famed Antinori family.

The winery started its grand saga over a century ago in Alba, one of the most diverse terroirs in Italy. It wasn't until 1922, when esteemed oenologist Alfredo Prunotto took over, that the winery truly came into its own. Today, the winery is heralded as the flagship of the Antinor family wine estates with Albiera Antiori at the helm acting as President.

The vineyards of Antinori Prunotto span the most illustrious Crus in the region, with a particular focus on the native Nebbiolo grape variety, The vineyards' diverse micro-climates and varied soil types provide a symphony of expressive and complex wines that beautifully interpret the specific traits of each vineyard.

Prunotto Winery underscores its commitment to quality and tradition through its meticulous vinification techniques. Each grape is hand-harvested and subject to stringent selection, ensuring only the finest fruit is used.

The cellar houses an impressive selection of oak barrels, utilised to perfection in the ageing process offering unique characteristics to every bottle that leaves its confines. The winery's most lauded bottling, the Barolo Bussia, is a true testament to the winery’s dedication to excellence.

Home to a stunning selection of wines, the Antinori Prunotto Winery upholds its legacy through its deep commitment to meticulous viticulture, and craftsmanship. Offering a multi-sensory experience, the winery finely balances the age-old traditions and innovative winemaking techniques, presenting a true taste of the Piedmont region in every glass. Offering a dash of heritage and a swathe of Italian flair, Antinori Prunotto is indeed a jewel in Italy’s wine crown: making it a must-visit pilgrimage for wine enthusiasts around the globe.

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