About ArmAs

Enveloped within the exquisite ambience of Armenia's kaleidoscopic nature, the ArmAs winery is more than just a destination; it invokes a sense of serenity and luxury, making it a well-deserved haven for all wine enthusiasts. The winery lives up to its reputation by promising an immersive experience, surrounded by majestic mountains and swaying vineyards. To step into the world of ArmAs is to relish in the journey of flavours, elegance, and tradition.

Spread over 180 hectares, the ArmAs estate boasts an impressive range of vines bearing international and indigenous grape varieties. At its heart, the winery nurtures the tradition of winemaking, bringing forth a tantalising mélange of flavours. With grapes grown under the watchful gaze of Mount Ararat, each bottle of ArmAs wine speaks of the indigenous terroir, setting the precedent for true Armenian Wine.

The estate itself offers a fascinating adventure of sophisticated finesse and rich history. The guided tour of the wine cellars, filled with an array of barrels and bottles aging gracefully, lets visitors journey into the enchanting world of wine creation. Yet, it's not just about the wine. The picturesque landscapes offer captivating views that soothe one's senses, giving a taste of nature's flawless beauty.

From its meticulously maintained vineyards to the wine production and tasting rooms, the ArmAs winery offers a gasping view and a holistic experience that is undeniably unique. The tasting rooms become the focal point of the visit, offering the chance to delve into the depths of wine aromas and flavours, whilst overlooking the serene beauty of Ararat Valley,

Built on the conviction of reviving Armenia's winemaking legacy, the ArmAs winery is proof that passion and innovation merge to create masterpieces. Herein the colours, spirit and harmony of Armenia are captured; a testament to the crafting hands that put heart and soul into every bottle that rolls out of the ArmAs winery.

In essence, ArmAs winery offers an impressive amalgamation of sophisticated viticulture, splendid scenic views, and Armenia’s generous hospitality. A visit to the estate is not a mere tour, but rather an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Armenia?

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