Auntsfield Estate

Auntsfield Estate

About Auntsfield Estate

Auntsfield Estate, nestled in the heart of New Zealand's renowned Marlborough region, remains one of the most historical and prestigious wineries on the South Island. This family-run estate bolsters its heritage, harking back to 1873 when wine was first introduced in the region. Today, it maintains a reputation for producing wines of unparalleled character and quality from this unique terroir.

Spanning over more than 200 hectares, this pristine land encapsulates a quintessential mix of gentle undulating hills and flat fertile lands, cradled within the Wairau Valley. A significant part of this land is dedicated to cultivating the world-famous Sauvignon Blanc while smaller plantations are respectively committed to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

At the heart of Auntsfield Estate lies its original cob-constructed cellar, painstakingly preserved and refurbished over the years to honour its historical ambiance. Enshrined within these walls, guests can expect a warm and welcoming cellar door experience, inviting them to tread through an in-depth journey of Auntsfield's lineage, accompanied by tastings of their sterling wines.

Beyond just the cultivation and brewing, Auntsfield Estate places an incredibly high importance on sustainability. This ethos resurrects itself in the consistent effort made to maintain a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding ecosystem, adopting organic viticulture practices that respect the inherent vitality of the land and reduce their environmental impact?

Pioneering in their approach, remarkable in execution, and always courting perfection, Auntsfield Estate continues to elevate the standard of New Zealand wine. With every bottle carefully crafted, they encapsulate not just the essence of the Marlborough terroir, but also a rich narrative steeped in tradition, innovation, and resolute love for the world of winemaking. This is Auntsfield Estate - a juncture of history, terroir, and impeccable winemaking.

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