About Bastianich

Established in the heart of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy, Bastianich Winery stands proud as an emblem of dedication to the fine craft of winemaking. It’s a superb vineyard, embodying the rich tradition of Italian viniculture infused with a contemporary vision.

Owned by the Bastianich family, the vineyard spans across 100 hectares and yields an impressive selection of internationally acclaimed wines. The family’s love for wines stems from their roots which bridges America and Italy, infusing a unique twist into their viticulture journey. Joe Bastianich and his mother, celebrity chef Lidia Bastianich, ensure that each bottle reflects the essence of their passion.

The winery’s commitment to eco-sustainability marks it out amongst the rest. The vineyards respect the natural biodiversity of the land, and therefore grapes are nursed with minimal intervention. This meticulous method of cultivation yields full-bodied wines with vibrant characters.

Tocai Friulano, Vespa Bianco, and Vespa Rosso are the winery’s flagship wines, each a testament to the Bastianich's commitment to deliver world-class wines. By gently processing grapes through temperature-regulated fermentation, the flavours are beautifully extracted, creating a diverse range of wines to savour.

Visitors to the winery are welcomed with open arms, encouraging wine lovers from around the globe to enjoy mouth-watering meals at the Orsone Restaurant paired with their choice of wine. Offering tours on-foot or by bicycle through the vineyards, the winery provides an intimate interaction with the winemaking process.

From its scenic setting to its indulgent wines, Bastianich Winery truly mesmerises all who set foot on its fertile soils. An Italian gem packed with taste, passion and tradition, it is a destination to etch in the hearts of wine lovers around the world.

Undoubtedly, a visit to the Bastianich Winery is more than a wine tasting experience! It is a rendezvous with the past, an appreciation of the present and a toast to future.

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