About Bellavista

Nestled in the heart of Italy's Lombardy region, the Bellavista winery is a true enchanting taste of Italian tradition and excellence. Engulfed by the tranquil beauty of the Franciacorta hills, it exudes an inescapable charm that invites avid wine lovers from across the globe to relish its spectacular offerings.

Bellavista winery's origins date back to 1977, founded by Vittorio Moretti. The Moretti family’s penchant for finesse and perfection is reflected in the winery's relentless pursuit of creating the finest sparkling wines through organic agriculture. This embodies the winery’s commitment towards sustaining the environment, a testament to their deeply ingrained ‘terroir’ philosophy.

The charm of Bellavista lies not only in its meticulously crafted bottles, but also in its captivating locality. Surrounded by verdant vineyards, their cellar comprises traditional and avant-garde architecture, yielding a distinctive spectacle. This compelling backdrop sets the stage for patrons to immerse themselves in an idyllic enogastronomic journey. The winery, indeed, spares no expense in ensuring premium-quality wine is enjoyed in an equally esteemed setting.

Moreover, the uniqueness of Bellavista extends to its wine production process. Embodying the ancient Franciacorta tradition, the winery utilises a painstaking selection of Chardonnay, Pinot Nero, and Pinot Bianco grapes in their formulations. This imbues each Bellavista wine with a signature flavour profile, marked by fresh fruity notes subtly tinged with hints of crusty bread.

What sets Bellavista from it's competitors is its emphasis on artisanal craftsmanship, which, when fused with innovative techniques, culminates in an exquisite symphony of taste and aromas capable of bewitching the most discerning palate.

In conclusion, the Bellavista Winery is more than merely a winery: It's a captivating fusion of tradition, modernity and respect for the environment. All of which results in a delectable symphony that is both a feast for the taste buds and the eyes; an Italian wonder that puts the joy of ‘la dolce vita’ in every sip.

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