About Beyerskloof

Situated in the verdant Cape Winelands of South Africa's Western Cape, Beyerskloof vineyards embodies the true essence of classic wine production. This family-run enterprise has, over decades, generated international acclaim for their diverse range of exquisite wines combining traditional methods with a touch of innovative flair.

Established in 1988 by leading South African viticulturist and winemaker, Beyers Truter, Beyerskloof has become synonymous with exceptional quality wines made from the Pinotage grape, an indigenous South African varietal and Truter's speciality. The winery is also renowned for its balanced blends, which skilfully incorporate other cultivars such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Beyerskloof's picturesque estate boasts 85 hectares of lovingly cultivated vineyards. Nestling amongst the Bottelary Hills of Stellenbosch, the winery boasts not only stunning vistas, but also a favourable terroir that's characterised by unique soil compositions and a moderate climate. These elements all contribute to the depth of flavour and complexity found in a bottle of Beyerskloof's finest.

The winery's unique charm is not limited to its scenic natural beauty or indeed it’s fine wines. The culinary experience at Beyerskloof is equally delightful. Their onsite Red Leaf Bistro offers delectable, locally-inspired cuisine expertly matched with their superb wines to satiate even the most discerning of palates.

Sustainability is a key facet of the Beyerskloof operation. The winery embraces a holistic approach to wine production, and practices environmentally-friendly farming techniques. Anchored in respect for the pristine landscape, Beyerskloof ensures minimum impact on the environment acting in harmony; with nature instead of trying to harness it.

Visitors are drawn to Beyerskloof for its warm hospitality, scenic beauty and superior wines the draw of a unique experience that is distinctly South African makes it a top destination for wine lovers the world over.

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