Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand

About Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand winery situated in the panoramic Adelaide Hills of South Australia, is a true epitome of wine craftsmanship. Established in 1997, it has quickly made a mark on the global stage by consistently producing wine of the highest calibre.

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of a former dairy farm, the winery is enveloped by a serene aura that woos everyone visiting. Its tour-de-force is the award-winning premium range of wines which showcase the potent geographical idiosyncrasies of Adelaide Hills. The region's cool climate leads to an extended ripening period, resulting in wines of remarkable depth, complexity, and unparalleled bitterness.

Their repertoire includes whites like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, reds such as Shiraz and Merlot, and the ever-popular sparkling Pinot Noir. Every bottle carries a flavourful experience of the unique terroir, a testament to Bird in Hand's dedication to viticultural excellence.

Additionally, Bird in Hand is far more than a winery. Its in-house gallery of contemporary art is a vivid homage to creativity, with regular exhibitions from international artists. Visitors can also indulge in musical evenings at the winery’s amphitheatre, and sample the culinary delights offered by its on-site restaurant.

Aesthetically designed to blend seamlessly with the landscape, Bird in Hand is testament to grandeur with an undeniably Australian character. Warm hospitality entwined with timeless elegance makes it a place where the extraordinary happens every day yet, in an impressively understated fashion.

Overall, Bird in Hand winery offers a tantalisingly sensory experience where every element is crafted with remarkable care, From sampling the exceptional wines, savouring gourmet cuisine, to immersing oneself in art and music, it is indeed an extraordinary journey of indulgence and discovery.

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