Bodega Colomé

Bodega Colomé

About Bodega Colomé

Nestled in the bewitching folds of the Andean foothills, Bodega Colomé winery stands as a timeless symbol of tradition and charm. This Argentinian gem is one of the oldest vineyards in the world established in 1831. It’s etched in a realm of tumultuous beauty where soaring peaks, azure skies and luscious vineyards conspire to form an entrancing backdrop.

Exquisitely remote, the winery is situated in Calchaquí Valley, Salta – one of Argentina’s premier wine regions. Uniquely, Bodega Colomé winery is a family affair. Words such as precision, dedication and passion course through its lineage. Owned by the prominent Hess family, their expertise in winemaking adds a touch of authenticity that drenches every bottle.

Earth's highest vineyard, the Bodega Colomé estate is a verdant quilt of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat and a handful other treasured varietals. Cultivated at an elevation of over 3,000 metres above sea level, each vine is bathed in sublime sunshine, fostering the development of deep, complex flavours and robust tannins. Breaking the mould, the winery employs biodynamic farming practices to nurture the soil and safeguard the environment.

By striking a brilliant balance between tradition and innovation. the winery has birthed a suite of flawlessly rounded wines that seduce the palate. It's flagship wine, Colomé Reserva Malbec, a stunning tableau of ripe red fruit, violet and spice, is a testament to the estate's unequalled prowess.

A visit to Bodega Colomé winery is not complete without a tour of their commendable James Turrell museum, the only one of its kind in Latin America, dedicated to the appreciation of light and space.

Come explore the sublime vistas, the sleek winery, the intoxicating wines and rich history at Bodega Colomé winery. Be warned, such a dreamy landscape imbued with wine, art, and passionate people, might prompt you to yearn for a permanent change of address.

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