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Bodegas Godeval

About Bodegas Godeval

Nestled among the picturesque slopes of Valdeorras, Spain, lies the exquisite Bodegas Godeval winery. Renowned for its quintessential white wines of Spain, this winery unearths the exceptional qualities of the Godello grape. From its humble beginnings in the 1980s, Bodegas Godeval remains a testament to the Spanish viticulture heritage with pioneering techniques conceived to highlight the hidden prowess of the Godello.

Set amidst sprawling vineyards, the Bodegas Godeval breathes life into its wines using a unique blend of traditional and innovative wine making methods. The winery has been the catalyst in the renaissance of the Godello graoe; rising it from the ashes of near extinction, to standing proudly among the top white grape varieties of Spain.

The Godeval winery is more than just another Spanish vineyard - its wines are a testament to the transformative power of passion and craft. The estate’s phantasmagorical mixture of rough terrain and perfect weather conditions brings out the extraordinary character of its wines. The abundant sunlight, tempered by refreshing breezes, contributes to a slow ripening process which yields extraordinarily complex flavours.

Right from the first pour, any Godeval wine opens up a world of luxurious experiences. The melange of aromatic fruitiness and crisp acidity provides a delightful mouthful every time, making them an exceptional choice for any occasion. Whether you prefer the youthful vitality of their classic offerings or the sophisticated palette of their richer, oak-aged Valdeorras whites, Bodegas Godeval ensures an unforgettable wine journey.

Plunging into Bodegas Godeval’s exquisite range is a delightful exploration of Spain’s winemaking heritage. The love and toil put into every bottle truly underlines their commitment to bringing their drinkers the finest the Godello grape has to offer - a testament to the winery’s mantra less is more.

So, if you have got a penchant for white wines bursting with flavour and soul, then you're due for a taste of Bodega Godevals revered offerings. Indeed, this is the winery where the legacy of the Godello grape continues to flourish and enchant wine lovers around the world.

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