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Bodegas LAN

About Bodegas LAN

Bodegas LAN winery, in the heart of Spain’s Rioja region, is an esteemed producer of exceptional wines. The name 'LAN' is an acronym that signifies each of the areas that form the Rioja designation; Logroño (now La Rioja), Álava, and Navarre. Bodegas LAN's work in the vineyard is steeped in sustainable practices, creating wines that respect the surrounding topography and embody the essence of this magnificent region.

Established in 1972, they have demonstrated unwavering commitment to producing superior-quality wines reflecting the rich bounty of their land. Much like the winery’s founders sought to uphold the traditions and values of this unique terroir, the present-day stewards continue to marry tradition with the latest technology in winemaking.

Bodegas LAN is well-known for its cultivation of the widely appreciated Tempranillo grape, creating wines which captivate with their intensity, elegance, and distinct personality. However, their repertoire also includes a thoughtful selection of other varietals, such as Viura and Mazuelo, used skillfully to craft their acclaimed Viña Lanciano Gran Reserva,

Furthermore, their exceptional single vineyard, Viña Lanciano is situated on a ninety-hectare peninsula. An almost mystical place landscaped by the Ebro River. By strict adherence to sustainable farming practices, the winery ensures that the vineyard’s unique ecosystem is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Of course as well as being a functioning winery, Bodegas LAN is primed for visitors. Their offerings include vineyard tours, wine tasting sessions, and gourmet experiences, providing a truly immersive experience in the wonderful world of wine.

Renowned for their age-worthy, expressive wines, Bodegas LAN has carved an enviable reputation amongst wine aficionados world over. Their incredible commitment to preserving local traditions, combined with innovative practices and rigorous quality controls, ensures each bottle released under the LAN name is nothing short of exceptional.

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