About Bouvet-Ladubay

Situated in the heart of the Loire Valley, Bouvet-Ladubay is a splendid winery that boasts an impeccable reputation for creating world-class sparkling wines. Founded in 1831 by Étienne Bouvet, it combines traditional wine-making techniques with contemporary innovations to craft an enviable portfolio of fine wines.

The winery is housed within a labyrinth of ancient cellars reminiscent of a cathedral, located in the charming French town of Saumur. Bouvet-Ladubay's cellars span over eight kilometres, providing a spectacular setting for the quiet maturation of their wines. Ever deeply-rooted in heritage, tradition mingles with modernity, as innovative wine-producing methods are employed alongside traditional techniques within the estate.

The winery encapsulates the intrinsic character of the Loire Valley's terroir, ensuring the region's indelible signature is evident within every bottle. Specialising in Crémant de Loire, it also produces excellent red and white wines that reflect the diversity of the surrounding vineyards.

Not limited to wine production alone; Bouvet-Ladubay's commitment to art and culture is pervasive. Since 1987, it has taken under its wing artists, poets, and filmmakers as part of its Art and Culture project. This commitment to creativity has extended to the winery’s architecture, with an open theatre and art gallery present amidst the cellars.

As part of the Monmousseau family since 1974, Bouvet-Ladubay continues its journey as a custodian of art, culture, and fine wine. The respect for tradition, a sharp focus on quality, and spirit of innovation has cemented its status as one of Loire Valley's pioneering vintners. It invites wine enthusiasts from all corners of the globe to taste its unique blend of art and wine--an experience sure to captivate the senses.

Bouvet-Ladubay, is more than just a winery, it's a testimony to the adage "wine is bottled poetry" and, a tribute to the elaborate nexus between vine and vat.

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