About Bremerton

Boasting a grand heritage which dates back to 1858, Bremerton Winery is a testament to Australia's rich winemaking history. Located within Langhorne Creek, South Australia, this venerable establishment is renowned for producing wines that are the epitome of excellently crafted quality.

A family-owned establishment, Bremerton Winery sees sisters Rebecca and Lucy Willson at the helm. Being one of the only sisters' duos in the winemaking industry, their innovative approach and dedication to preserving their family legacy stand testament to their success in this male-dominated industry.

One will immediately be enchanted by the rustic allure of the 1866-based stone barn, which now serves as the Cellar Door and tasting room. Stepping inside, visitors are privy to a harmonious blend of history and innovation. Its vintage furnishings exude an old-world charm, while the modern amenities ensure a comfortable, welcoming experience.

However, the true charm lies in the variety and quality of the wines produced, from crisp Rieslings, full-bodied Chardonnays, velvety Shiraz to elegant Cabernet Sauvignons, each bottle tells a story of the rich terroir and expert craftsmanship. All of their fruits are meticulously handpicked exclusively from two vineyards to ensure robust flavours and nuanced complexity.

Not to be missed is the Willson Family's staple – the 'Walter's Reserve Cabernet'. This tantalising varietal is a rich blend echoing delicate notes of blackcurrant, plum and hints of artisanal, French oak. Each sip not only celebrates the vineyard's rich heritage but also the sisters' spirit of innovation and their unrelenting passion for quality.

The Bremerton Winery also offers bespoke wine-tasting experiences!. Tailored packages can include a comprehensive tour of the vineyard and production facility, a gastronomic delight at their famed restaurant and an opportunity to taste their award-winning wines.

Whilst visiting Australia, a sojourn to the Bremerton Winery is indeed, a requisite. The perfect chance to glimpse into the Australian winemaking industry, by experiencing this historical winery in the heart of South Australia. Truly, an enchanting experience that lingers long after the last drop.

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