Burn Cottage

Burn Cottage

About Burn Cottage

Burn Cottage Vineyard, seated in the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand’s Central Otago, is an acclaimed winery that has maintained an authentic and sincere commitment to creating premier wine. Known for its stellar sustainable practices, this family-owned winery has become a cornerstone in the world of biodynamic wine.

The vineyard, spread across a scenic 24-hectare property, is located in the richly diverse Cromwell Basin and consists of 10 different Pinot Noir clones intricately planted with surgical precision. With both organic and biodynamic certification, Burn Cottage Vineyard stays true to its farming roots, employing nature's complex symphony of soil, weather characteristics, animal life, and plants in harmony to produce fruit of the highest quality.

The process of biodynamic farming implemented at Burn Cottage involves more than just organic farming. It incorporates a philosophical aspect, adhering to the theories advanced by Rudolf Steiner—an early 20th-century philosopher and scientist. This ethical approach to agriculture seeks to create a diversified and balanced farm ecosystem that is sustainable, enriches the soil, and nurtures the livestock without any artificial inputs.

At Burn Cottage, they firmly believe that exquisite wine begins in the ground. Carefully cultivating their grapes in their distinct terroir, and employing exacting winemaking techniques enables them to create highly expressive wines that perfectly encapsulate their passion for the land.

Renowned for their Pinot Noir, a favourite worldwide; Burn Cottage also offers a Savoury Reserve Wine and an intriguing Moonlight Race Pinot Noir, named after a southern watercourse running through the region.

Overall, Burn Cottage Vineyard is not just a winery, but a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and agriculture. It’s commitment to biodynamic farming, and its passion for excellence in wine encapsulate its enduring legacy. Encouraging visitors from all walks of life, to explore and appreciate the magic that lies within its vineyards: inspiring wonder through each glass of wine savoured.

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