Ca' dei Frati

Ca' dei Frati

About Ca' dei Frati

Nestled within the heart of Lombardy, northern Italy, lies the prestigious Ca' dei Frati winery. Boasting centuries-long mastery in winemaking, this winery has been dedicated to the art since 1782, making it a beloved Italian heritage site.

The winery is comfortably situated on the southern banks of Lake Garda, nestled amidst the traditional charm of dramatic vineyards, where the favourable microclimate is ideal for the growth of indigenous grapes. This unique land gives the wines their tantalising taste, full-bodied depth, structure and longevity.

Ca' dei Frati produces a ravishing range of wines to suit a range of distinctive palates, including the famous 'I Frati' Lugana and the 'Brolettino' Lugana. The winery takes fervour in standing out by employing traditional methods to wine production; hand-picking grape clusters, carrying out fermentation in stainless steel tanks and gently ageing in wooden barrels.

The heart and soul behind Ca' dei Frati is the Dal Cero family. They've expertly curated an enchanting environment that honors tradition, while constantly seeking innovation. Their commitment to quality reflects in each vintage produced, ensuring they do the stunning natural beauty of their unique setting, the justice expected of them.

But, it’s the winery's commitment to sustainability that truly sets them apart. Their symbiotic relationship with nature has driven them to embrace modern technologies and techniques which foster an eco-friendly production process. So, everytime you raise a glass of Ca’ dei Frati, you're not just enjoying a top-quality wine, but you're also supporting a careful community mindful of the environment.

Whether you’re an intuitive wine connoisseur or a curious novice, a visit to Ca' dei Frati offers a splendid opportunity to witness how rich tradition merges with contemporary sustainability practices, making every single taste a celebration of history, culture and authentic Italian master craftsmanship.

Note a trip to this alluring winery is a true vinicultural adventure, crafted with passion, precision and natural prowess. Indeed, the Ca' dei Frati winery is a rare gem, it is where tradition is savoured and fine wine is experienced.

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