Ca' del Bosco

Ca' del Bosco

About Ca' del Bosco

Ca' del Bosco is a distinguished winery that, set in the heart of the scenic Franciacorta, holds a much-cherished place in Italy's viticultural crown. Established in the late 1960s by pioneer Maurizio Zanella, the winery represents the epitome of wine expressiveness, embraces the avant-garde, and is renowned for its uncompromising emphasis on quality.

Situated on gentle, rolling hills, the winery encompasses a significant 200-hectare estate, nurturing native vines like Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco by employing sustainable agriculture methods. A visit to Ca' del Bosco might also capture you’re imagination with an exclusive opportunity to experience the winery's innovative cellar, that has been meticulously designed both aesthetically and technologically.

Incidentally longevity remains a hallmark of these elegant wines, whose robust character and distinctive flavour, reveal not only the richness of the terroir, but also the dedication of those who tend to it. The prestige cuvée, in particular, personifies the house style — exuberantly fresh yet sumptuously full-bodied with well-integrated bubbles — making it worth every sip savoured.

Perhaps the most striking and visually impressive feature of the winery are the contemporary art pieces. Decidedly avant-garde, these blend effortlessly into the landscape, bringing an element of surprise and discovery to this wine lover’s paradise.

Thanks to its absolute respect for production strictness and quality that continue to set new benchmarks in the art of viniculture, Ca' del Bosco has successfully managed to reposition Franciacorta on the global wine map, including the production of over a million bottles every year.

Embodying Italian wine culture at its peak, Ca' del Bosco winery is more than just a destination — it's a sensory journey. A visit worth coveting for any wine enthusiast! Here's to the next glass ;

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