About Caliterra

Nestled in the breathtaking vineyard valleys of Central Chile, Caliterra Winery embodies the essence of Chilean wine country. Its name is derived from the Spanish words "calidad" meaning quality and "tierra" meaning land, a representation that aptly suits this prestigious estate.

Founded in 1996 through a partnership between two wine aficionados – Robert Mondavi and Viña Errázuriz's President Eduardo Chadwick – Caliterra had a clear goal: to craft high-quality, ecologically friendly wines with a distinctly Chilean character. Proving to be a harmonic union of traditional Chilean and innovative Californian winemaking techniques, their wines exude an allure that often captivates both seasoned sommeliers and budding oenophiles alike.

The vineyards of Caliterra stretch luxuriantly over the hilly landscape of the Colchagua Valley. Here, the vines are bathed in abundant sunlight and cooled by the breezes from the Andes, providing perfect conditions for growing an array of grape varieties. From robust Cabernet Sauvignons and husky Syrahs to refreshing Sauvignon Blancs and elegant Chardonnays, their portfolio of wines offers a taste for every palette.

However, what sets Caliterra apart from its counterparts is its keen consciousness toward sustainability. The winery is steadfast in its commitment to producing premium wines while operating within a framework of environmental respect and social responsibility. Their sustainability efforts encompass water conservation, recycling, carbon footprint reduction and improved worker's welfare...a testament to their ethos of 'respect for the land and its people.'

Today, Caliterra Winery continues to showcase the richness and diversity of Chile's wine-producing regions to a global audience, offering an unrivalled range of wines that beautifully illustrate the unique terroir of the Colchagua Valley. It is fitting then that Caliterra, a palpable embodiment of the harmony between wine, nature and mankind, is etched in the minds of wine enthusiasts world over.

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