Casa E. Di Mirafiore

Casa E. Di Mirafiore

About Casa E. Di Mirafiore

Casa E. Di Mirafiore is an iconic winery situated in the picturesque region of Serralunga D’Alba, in the heart of Piedmont, Italy. The history of this enchanting winery traces back to the 19th century with roots deeply entwined with royalty; it was originally established by the king of Italy, Emanuele di Mirafiori. Today, it stands as a beacon of traditional Italian winemaking, producing world-class wines that are immensely popular both domestically and internationally.

The vineyards of Casa E. Di Mirafiore are splendidly sprawled across thirty hectares of undulating land, kissed by radiant Italian sunshine, and nourished by the rich native soils. This heavenly terroir, blessed with favourable weather conditions, yields excellent quality grapes from varieties including Nebbiolo, Barbera and Moscato, bestowing the wines with a unique depth of flavour that is distinctly Mirafiore.

What sets Casa E. Di Mirafiore apart is its sincere dedication to preserving its profound heritage by vigorously upholding traditional winemaking practices. Here, time-tested techniques are cherished and incorporated into every stage of the vinification process, from gentle hand-harvesting to meticulous barrel-ageing. However, this deep regard for tradition is beautifully balanced with a spark of innovation with contemporary wine-making technologies used in harmony with age-old customs.

The wines produced at Casa E. Di Mirafiore are of exceptional quality and carry a matchless personality. Their sumptuous Barolo and Langhe wines are renowned for revealing an intriguing mix of elegant aromas and flavours that reflect the very essence of their splendid birthplace.

Whether you’re a passionate oenophile or simply enjoy a good glass of wine, a visit to Casa E. Di Mirafiore winery is a worthwhile experience. These wines are undoubtedly to be savoured and shared, full of richness and character, they offer a sip of Italy’s finest – a testament to the art of winemaking, blended with the flavours of a noble legacy and the spirit of innovation.

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