Castellare di Castellina

Castellare di Castellina

About Castellare di Castellina

Nestled within the serene Tuscan countryside, Castellare di Castellina is a renowned and historic winery. Stretching over 80 hectares, this hilly terrain is just waiting to be explored, bisected by winding pathways that are a delight to walk along. With each turn, visitors are greeted with breathtaking views of vineyards row after row, and tall cypress trees that are illuminated by the gentle Tuscan sun.

The winery is owned by Paolo Panerai, a well-known vintner of the Chianti Classico appellation. Panerai has succeeded in achieving an exquisite balance between the traditional Tuscan spirit, pairing it perfectly with innovative wine brewing methodologies.

The panoramic vineyard not only offers an eyeful, but also a full-bodied taste of its innovative and unique wine range. The Castellare di Castellina's vineyard are meticulously farmed, integrating old-world methods with a heavy emphasis on sustainability. This careful cultivation culminates in bold and flavoursome wines, exhibiting a deep-rooted Tuscan character alongside a robust modern palate.

Apart from tending to its aesthetically pleasing and aromatic vineyards, the winery houses an infamous bird sanctuary. This santuary has been brought to life, right in the heart of its vineyard, harbouring endangered bird species like the Golden Oriole and Woodpecker. Protection of biodiversity through care and conservation of the environment is a cornerstone value of Castellare de Castellina, making it more than just a winery.

Finally, rounding off the Castellare di Castellina experience, a wine tasting is must. Here, the harmonious blend of the traditional with the modern truly comes to the fore, with each sip promising the unexpected; because, each bottle of wine will tell the tale of its birth year, weather, and care with a delightful diversity of taste?

At Castellare di Castellina, the intimate connection between the earth and the winemaker is pronounced and celebrated. Each visit is an invitation to delve into a world where nature and culture intertwine, promising an unforgettable experience.

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