Champagne Jean-Paul Deville

Champagne Jean-Paul Deville

About Champagne Jean-Paul Deville

Nestled in the heart of Champagne, in the picturesque village of Verzy, the Jean-Paul Deville winery represents the epitome of French viticultural elegance and sophistication. This small, family-owned producer benefits from six generations of knowledge, handed down from father to son, thereby maintaining traditional methods and values, all whilst blending with modern technology and pragmatism.

The vineyard covers 11 hectares, laid out across 45 different sites; all of which were painstakingly selected for the unique qualities they each impart to the grapes. Each variety of champagne produced at Jean-Paul Deville stems from a remarkable synergy between soil, vine and weather. Here, at this enchanting location, the winemakers passionately nurture Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes to capture the heart and soul of Champagne.

The beauty of this boutique winery lies not just in its picturesque landscape, but also in its commitment to producing champagnes of exceptional quality and character. Each bottle generously delivers a distinctive sensory experience, harmonising the pronounced fruitiness and complexity associated with Jean-Paul Deville's exceptional standards.

From growers to pressers, bottlers to labelers: everyone associated with the Jean-Paul Deville winery plays a significant part in making this brand iconic, Recognised globally for patronising small-production, artisanal wines that authentically express the rich heritage of the Champagne region.

Representing a seamless blend of rich history and innovative viticulture, Champagne Jean-Paul Deville is indeed a gem in the world of wines. Visiting this winery is an immersive experience, walking through verdant rows of vines and witnessing the production of these quintessentially-French sparklings is an indulgence of the senses that is not to be missed.

This winery is reflective of the authenticity and character of the Champagne region, capturing the essence of French viticulture in every bottle, from vine to wine; it offers a taste of France that’s truly unique.

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