Chateau Changyu

Chateau Changyu

About Chateau Changyu

Situated in the stunning landscapes of China's Yantai region, is the majestic and highly acclaimed Chateau Changyu winery. Established in 1892 by pioneering winemaker Chang Bishi, Chateau Changyu boasts a rich heritage — a testament to over a century of winemaking excellence.

Delighting one's senses with an intoxicating mix of both traditional and modern charm, Changyu castle is a tribute to the grandeur of European wineries, successfully echoing the elegance of French Chateaus. The architecture is indeed a feast for the eyes, matched only by the grandeur of the vineyards themselves.

On these illustrious grounds, the winery nurtures an array of indigenous grape varieties. These include the popular Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot, grown in vineyards that sprawl over nearly 50 hectares. Each parcel of land is meticulously taken care of by experts, to ensure the production of highly-rated vintages year after year; a testament to the expertise and dedication of the winemaking team.

The sight of Changyu's barrel room is just as majestic; a cathedral-like hall brimming with barrels of maturing wine. Here, the magic of transformation takes place, ageing the elixirs, steadily revealing their complex characters. An enchanting blend of astute winemaking and time.

Chateau Changyu's dedication extends beyond winemaking. Visitors can indulge themselves in the Changyu Wine Culture Museum, offering an immersive journey into the winery's history and China's burgeoning wine culture. A tasting tour, is of course, an essential part of the experience where one gets to taste the exquisite wines crafted by this renowned winery.

Commited to sustainability, Chateau Changyu takes responsible steps in reducing their environmental footprint, all while delivering wines of remarkable quality and stature. It speaks volumes of the winery's dedication towards preserving the harmony between nature and winemaking, Chateau Changyu has undoubtedly, carved a niche for itself in the global wine stage; rigorously holding up China's flag high in the world of viticulture.

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