Château d'Ollières

Château d'Ollières

About Château d'Ollières

Nestled in the enchanting region of Provence, Château d'Ollières is a prestigious winery that epitomises the charm and beauty of French winemaking. Boasting a rich heritage that dates back to the 17th-century, this winery is renowned for producing exceptional, award-winning wines that are loved worldwide.

Château d'Ollières sits on an expansive terrain surrounded by a picture-perfect landscape, with rolling hills, lush vineyards, and a historic château that commands attention. The vineyard, which stretches over 60 hectares, is a blessing of Mediterranean climate, generously endowing it with bountiful sunshine, and cooling evening breezes, ideal for grape cultivation.

The special soils of the Château, composed of limestone and clay-based subsoils, contribute to the distinctive character and excellent quality of its wines. Synonymous with excellence, the winery has been consistently committed to organic farming since 2007, cultivating its vines with passion and respect for the environment. This practise underscores their dedication to authenticity, ensuring that each bottle genuinely represents the terroir of Provence.

The wines from Château d'Ollières are diverse, offering something for every palate. Whether it is the elegant reds made from Grenache and Syrah, the crisp and refreshing whites crafted from Vermentino or the delightful rosés imbued with flavours of Cinsault and Grenache - each wine paints a delightful portrait of its terroir. Carefully aged in the Château's cellars, the wines depict a subtle balance of fruit, freshness and indulgence.

Château d'Ollières embodies the rich winemaking tradition of Provence. Its union of a matchless terroir., advanced winemaking techniques and a dedicated team testify to a remarkable journey of diligence and passion. This legacy, reflected in every sip of the wines it crafts, is surely worth celebrating.

For wine fans seeking a taste of distinctive high-quality wines with a Provencal soul, Château d'Ollières is an ultimate destination. Embark on a journey of timeless tastes and flavours with this prestigious winery and relish the true essence of Provence.

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