Chateau Los Boldos

Chateau Los Boldos

About Chateau Los Boldos

France’s Champagne region is not the only area renowned for its channelling of viticulture. Nestled away in the stunning vistas of Chile's Cachapoal Valley, the Chateau Los Boldos winery is vying for its place at the top table of the world's wine producers.

Oozing charm from its estates, dating back to 1870, Chateau Los Boldos has an impressive lineage. Its stately home, trademark vineyards, and ancient cellars punctuate a rich and vibrant tapestry, portrayed deftly through more than a century of wine-tasting tradition. The vineyard harmonises wit 500 hectares of sealed, nurtured land instilled with a deep wine-making nous and tradition, making Chateau Los Boldos an unmissable stop on any wine-tour of the region.

However, timeless beauty and innate charm are not Los Boldos’ only keynotes. Cutting edge-technology plays an important role. State-of-the-art facilities installed amongst these historic vineyards help to cultivate and perfect their wines, whilst still respected and celebrating its deep-set tradition.

The Chateau’s ethos is a perfect synergy of respecting the site's traditional winemaking values and embracing vibrant flavours, qualities extracted from its melting pot of French and Chilean heritage.

Their wine portfolio boasts an eclectic range from rich and full-bodied reds to vivacious, expressive whites. All of which are crafted with such nuances that they adhere to both experienced connoisseurs and novice wine drinkers. Over recent times, Los Boldos has seen its wines grow in international stature with many of its vintages gracing the award podiums year after year.

Boasting idyllic green landscapes and stunning views of surrounding mountains, Chateau Los Boldos with the meticulous blend of tradition, innovation, and passion are a shrine. A shrine to the pleasurable art of viticulture. Making it an absolute must-visit setting for any true lover of wines.

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