Chateau Ollieux Romanis

Chateau Ollieux Romanis

About Chateau Ollieux Romanis

Located amidst the rolling hills of Corbieres, the southernmost region of France, nestles the Chateau Ollieux Romanis. With a rich history tracing back to the Roman era, the winery is steeped in a oenological tradition that has been passed down through generations.

The Chateau Ollieux Romanis is an elegant testament to a perfect blend of modernity and antiquity. It reveals an exquisite panorama of vineyards that stretch over an area of close to 130 hectares. Surrounded by a lush landscape of Mediterranean flora, the area is blessed with a favourable climate, enriched by the warm maritime breezes of the Mediterranean.

The vineyard comprises an array of grape varieties including Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Marselan and Carignan. They're grown on the estate’s land, which boasts an optimal mix of clay, limestone and sandstone soils. The wines produced by Chateau Ollieux Romanis thus possess a fascinating complexity and character, derived from this unique terroir and expert cultivation.

The estate is sustainably managed under the meticulous guidance of the Bories's family. Their dedication to organic winemaking practices contributes to the exceptional quality and depth of their wines. These wines, rich in authenticity and traditional character, embody the spirit and passion of the domaine.

Visitors to the Chateau are invited to take a journey through the remarkable winemaking process. A guided tour provides an insight into the precision and care undertaken by the vineyard's highly skilled, dedicated artisans.

There is no denying the allure of Chateau Olliere Romanis, with its vibrant wines, stunning views, and an enchanting blend of history and viticulture. Each visit, each glass and each bottle is an eloquent expression of the remarkable past, the vibrant present and promising future of this distinguished winery,

Find out more about the Chateau Ollieux Romanis and get immersed in the charming world of traditional winemaking. You may even discover your new favourite vino in the process.

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