About Clonakilla

Located in the heart of the spectacular Canberra District of Australia, the Clonakilla winery is a crown jewel in the country’s viticulture scene. Founded in 1971 by the iconic Dr. John Kirk, the winery continues to enthral wine connoisseurs around the globe with its elegant and innovative selection of wines. Today, Clonakilla is known for its perfection in practising cool-climate viticulture, consistently creating some of the most captivating and distinctive wines in the region.

Clonakilla’s secret recipe for success lies within the delicate microclimate it enjoys. The winery's high-altitude vineyards receive optimal sunlight due to their northerly aspect; offering enough warmth to ripen the grapes whilst the cool night temperatures preserve their intoxicating aromas. Driven by a profound respect for nature, Clonakilla firmly believes in minimal intervention. It is this approach that ensures their wines truly express the unique character of the vineyards in every bottle.

However, it is Clonakilla's iconic Shiraz Viognier that truly commands the spotlight. Drawing its inspiration from the Northern Rhone, this stellar blend is celebrated for its arresting bouquet, sublime texture and robust character. It is, without a doubt, Clonakilla’s pièce de résistance.

Despite its humble beginnings, Clonakilla’s reach has extended far beyond Australian shores. Today, their wines are enjoyed in all corners of the globe and have secured their place among some of the most revered in the global arena. The winery itself is equally fascinating. Visitors to Clonakilla have the chance to immerse themselves in the winemaking process. The tours offer a deep insight into grape growing, wine production and – of course – guests are treated to an exclusive wine tasting!

At the heart of Clonakilla is a team of passionate and dedicated winemakers. Their innovative approach to winemaking, commitment to environment sustainability and unyielding pursuit of excellence ensure that the legacy of Clonakilla will continue to delight the palates of wine lovers for many generations to come;

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