Craggy Range

Craggy Range

About Craggy Range

Nestled amongst the stunning Kiwi landscapes, Craggy Range winery offers a unique wine experience. This celebrated winery is situated in the shadows of the craggy peak of Te Mata in Hawke's Bay. Earthern texts or "cradle" is the essence of the Maori phrase "Te Mata o Aoi". The soil-rich vineyard provides ample support for the variety of specially selected grapes, each cultivated with meticulous attention to detail.

Craggy Range has mastered the art of producing a wide variety of high quality wines. Savour the distinctive aroma of the celebrated Sauvignon Blanc or the mellifluous notes of Pinot Noir. Aucklanders, not uncommonly, cite Craggy Range's Pinot Gris as a standout, with its subtly sweet and perfectly balanced flavour profile.

Not only does the winery boast a vistacular view of the mountain range but, the area is also home to Craggy Range's premier restaurant, Terroir. Here the cuisine is every bit as spectacular as the viniculture; combining fresh local ingredients to serve a gourmet dining experience that you won't forget.

And, if you wish to extend your visit, Craggy Range has got you covered. Elegant accommodation in the form of spacious cottages are available to those wishing for an added dash of luxury during their stay, conveniently located on the edge of the vineyard. Alternatively, you can also opt for the Lodge, a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house overlooking the Tukituki River, providing a magnificent view to wake up to.

Craggy Range winery truly offers a bespoke winery experience, setting itself apart from other wineries, not just in New Zealand but globally. It embraces the essence of its idyllic location, with a fusion of tradition and innovation. It invites all wine lovers to immerse themselves in the delightfulness of its offerings, whether its through wine-tasting, fine dining, or a weekend getaway.

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