Cruse Wine Co.

Cruse Wine Co.

About Cruse Wine Co.

Cruse Wine Co. is an independent, boutique vineyard nestled in the heart of California's iconic wine country. A distinctive blend of tradition and innovation permeates every aspect of this vibrant winery. Singular in its mission to produce the finest quality, small-batch wines, Cruse Wine Co. consistently delivers a uniquely Californian wine experience, one that seduces the senses with bold aromas and surprising flourishes of flavour.

Established by Michael Cruse, a native Californian with a deep-rooted passion to create masterfully crafted wines and another way, the vineyard sits at the crossroads of the renowned Russian River and Petaluma Gap AVAs. Honing his craft first in the cellars of Luna Vineyards and S. Anderson Vineyard, Cruse brings a wealth of viticultural knowledge and a resolute dedication to meticulous, hands-on production, which shines through in every bottle.

Cruse Wine Co. isn’t grand in size but is vast in personality. It boasts a lively and eclectic selection of wines, emphasising the myriad expressions of terroir, nurtured through sustainable farming practises and transformed into wine through gentle, non-interventionist winemaking methods. The vineyard takes pride in honouring the uniqueness of each grape variety and vintage, crafting varietal wines and blends that showcase the rich, nuanced characteristics of the California landscape.

They particularly excel in the production of sparkling wines, known for their method traditional sparkling Valdiguié, their star products that have garnered national and international acclaim. Each sip of a Cruse Wine Co. fine wine invites a sensual exploration of crafted flavours, a journey that delves into the heart of the sun-drenched vineyards very core.

Cruse Wine Co. dexterously marries an appreciation of time-honoured winemaking traditions with a youthful, vibrant spirit. Their wines are as unique as their vision – a celebration of the land's authenticity and the labour of love that goes into every handpicked harvest. With their unyielding commitment to quality and a dedicated hands on approach, Cruse Wine Co. distinguishes itself in the pantheon of Californian wineries and captivates wine lovers worldwide through their pioneering spirit.

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