About d'Arenberg

Nestled in the rolling hills of South Australia's McLaren Vale, d'Arenberg winery is an iconic destination for wine lovers around the globe. Spanning over four generations, this wonderful family-owned establishment has an unwavering commitment to the traditional winemaking techniques, and has been delighting people far and wide with their exceptional, hand-crafted wines for over a century.

The story of d'Arenberg winery begins in 1912 when Joseph Rowe Osborn—a former director of the historic Thomas Hardy and Sons wine company, purchased the well-established Milton vineyards. Successive generations of the Osborn family have since moulded d'Arenberg into the verdant, highly reputable viticultural paradise that it is today.

Spanning across 450 acres, the vineyard is home to an eclectic mix of grape varieties. Step inside their tasting room and you'll find 60 remarkable wines on offer. Whether you fancy a robust Shiraz, a crisp Riesling or a full-bodied Grenache d'Arenberg has something to suit every palate.

Within the confines of this charming winery, tradition meets innovation. d'Arenberg is famous for their trademark "basket press" wine making technique, which extracts the juice from the fruit gently, and naturally without the use of chemicals. This unique method endows d'Arenberg wines with extraordinary depth and complexity. New visitors are often intrigued by the wineries flagship wine, the Dead Arm Shiraz. A bottle of this critically acclaimed marvel is a must try for any serious wine enthusiast!

Aside from its world-class wines, d'Arenberg also boasts the d'Arenberg Cube, an avant-garde five-storey structure, housing the winery's restaurant, tasting rooms, and an art gallery. With its whimsical architecture and interactive sensory experiences the Cube proves to be the perfect cherry on top of the decadent wine destination.

However, one thing stands out above all at d'Arenberg the company's philosophy. Their commitment to sustainable winemaking processes and the care they put into each bottle is simply incomparable. For most, a trip to d'Arenberg winery is not just an excursion, it's a memorable vineyard journey!

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