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Renowned for its exceptional wine, Dawson & James winery is located in the heartland of Tasmania, Australia's Southernmost Wine region; a mecca for wine enthusiasts. Highly regarded amongst gourmands and wine connoisseurs, the winery is known for it's exceptional produce and unparalleled dedication to wine craftsmanship.

Sculpted by the skilled hands of Peter Dawson and Tim James, two celebrated winemakers, each bottle of Dawson & James wine is a testament to over 40 years of their shared passion and expertise. They harmonise traditional practices and modern techniques, creating wines with complexity, depth, and signature elegance. Their combined experience not only shapes the wine but often provides pleasantly unexpected flavour profiles.

The vineyard is nestled within the Derwent Valley, a picturesque region blessed with fertile soil and a unique microclimate. Each vintage is influenced by the cool, maritime environment, ensuring a crispness and subtlety that sets Dawson & James wines apart. The hand-picked grapes are treated with utmost respect, as they form the backbone to the distinctive flavours offered in each glass.

Visitors to the winery can immerse themselves in the tapestry of the vineyard, partake in tastings, and uncover the magic behind the bottle. Unhurried and intimate, a visit to Dawson & James winery is a memorable experience; the serene vista, the whisper of the vineyard and the welcoming ambience – it's a sensory journey.

Raising a glass of Dawson & James wine is more than just a simple indulgence, it's a celebration of innovation, tradition and unparalleled passion. Uncorking a bottle unfolds a story spanning decades, paying tribute to a landscape teeming with beauty and to a friendship weathering the test of time.

So whether you're a seasoned sommelier or wine-specific novice, your palate is bound to be enchanted by Dawson & James' stunning array of wines? Connect with the craftsmen and indulge in a variety of this winery's signature flavours.

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