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De Martino

About De Martino

Established in 1934, De Martino winery can be found in the heart of Chile's acclaimed Maipo Valley. Like many great ventures, it started with a clear vision. The charismatic Italian immigrant, Pietro De Martino, sought to create wines that truly represented the unique characteristics of Chile's terroir; wines that fully expressed the qualities produced by the country's diverse climates and soil types.

Armed with passion and innovation, the family has continued to carry out this vision. De Martino wines beautifully balance modern innovation with tradition; ensuring their creations capture the harmonious complexity of Chile's viticultural landscape. And, they've been rewarded for their efforts, De Martino winery holds numerous accolades, making it a must-visit stop for wine enthusiasts touring in Chile.

Innovation is every bit as important as tradition to this family-run winery. The De Martinos have continuously challenged the status quo. They were the first in Chile to use stainless steel fermentation tanks, shifted to using only local yeast in wine-making, and were among the first to create wine from organic grapes.

Also, De Martino winery’s commitment to environmental sustainability, both in the vineyard and winery, is nothing short of commendable. It includes measures such as water recycling, waste management, and carbon footprint reduction.

But, the cornerstone of the De Martino's success is their unwavering dedication to quality. They meticulously select only the best vines, and despite the wide variety of wines they produce, each bottle showcases a remarkable balance between the grape's natural characteristics and the influence of the winemaker.

The combination of a rich frontline terroir, innovative wine-making solutions, and an unyielding pursuit of quality, makes a De Martino wine an experience that is as sophisticated as it is truly Chilean: it, is a world-class example of viticultural excellence.

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