Domaine Antoine Jobard

Domaine Antoine Jobard

About Domaine Antoine Jobard

Domaine Antoine Jobard is an esteemed, family-run winery nestled in the heart of the exceptional Burgundy wine country in France. Acclaimed for its authentic white wines, this distinguished vineyard produces world-renowned Chardonnay that is adored by connoisseurs across the globe.

Established over one hundred and fifty years ago, Domaine Antoine Jobard is steeped in rich history and tradition. The winery has been passed down through five generations; each inheritor committed to preserving the family’s revered winemaking techniques while infusing their unique touches along the way. The current proprietor, François Jobard, along with his son Antoine, have made exquisite wines that are a real testament to the Jobard legacy.

The defining feature of this vineyard is its tremendous respect for nature and sustainability; the vines are nurtured without resorting to artificial fertilisers and pesticides, preserving the terroir's natural purity. The meticulous care and attention to detail extend from the vine to the bottle, resulting in harmoniously balanced wines that are the epitome of elegance and complexity.

Spread over more than eight hectares, the domaine’s distinct Hamilton, Blagny, and Meursault Premier Cru plots contribute to its diverse and impressive collection. The hand-crafted wines, matured in French oak barrels, embody a harmonious blend of fruitiness and minerality. These extraordinary flavours, coupled with the wine’s impressive ageing potential make it a prime choice for avid collectors and sophisticated drinkers alike.

Besides its remarkable wines, Domaine Antoine Jobard, fascinates with its intimate winery tours. Visitors are given a first-hand glimpse at the Jobard family’s time-honoured practices and get to savour superb wines in the rustic charm of the cellars.?

In summary, whether you are a casual wine enthusiast or a well-seasoned sommelier Domaine Antoine Jobard offers an unforgettable journey into the authentic world of Burgundian wine craftsmanship.

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