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Domaine Carneros

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Settled in the sun-drenched hills of the Carneros region in Napa Valley, Domaine Carneros winery is a resplendent ode to classic French architecture. With a majestic panoramic view of vineyards stretching out beneath an azure Californian sky, this palatial, Château-style building stands in testament to the winery's Franco-American roots.

The winery, established in 1987, is a joint venture between the renowned French Champagne house Taittinger, and American wine-importer Kobrand Corporation. Its mission to produce finest sparkling wines on American soils using traditional French technique has resulted in an exceptional blend of Californian character with French savoir-faire. Much like the château that holds court over its vineyards, the wines produced are a perfect marriage of Californian terroir and French fine wine technique.

One cannot fail to notice Domaine Carneros's commitment to sustainable farming and winemaking practices. The winery is deeply invested in eco-friendly approaches, including operating via solar energy and employing organic farming methods in their vineyards. Their dedication to crafting the finest wines, while maintaining deeply ingrained respect for the earth, is the cornerstone of their ethos.

Visitors will be met with a diverse and elegant selection of wines, including their signature sparkling wine, Le Réve and fives still wines. Expertly crafted from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties their sparkling wines are a perfect choice for those seeking a sublime taste experience. Likewise, their reds, especially the renowned Domaine Carneros Estate Pinot Noir offer an exquisite depth of flavour, showcase the exceptional terroir of the carefully selected vineyards.

If you're lucky to visit, a luxury tasting in their lavish salon, strolling through the verdant vineyards, or a picnic accompanied by a glass of their sparkling wine is a must. Indeed Domaine Carneros winery is not just a place to taste fine wines, it's an extraordinary journey that transports, you to a world where tradition and innovation meet.

In every aspect, the sparkling wines of Domaine Carneros stand as luminary examples of the heights that can be achieved when old world sensibilities are blended with new world daring, a winery like no other. Truly, a slice of French enchantment nestling in the heart of Californian wine country.

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