Domaine des Baumard

Domaine des Baumard

About Domaine des Baumard

Nestled in the stunningly gorgeous Loire Valley, the Domaine des Baumard is an icon of French winemaking tradition. Established in 1634, this enchanting winery boasts over 400 years of viticulture pedigree.

The vineyard spreads over 40 hectares of premium soil, embracing the vines for highly acclaimed appellations, notably Savennières and Quarts de Chaume. Domaine des Baumard meticulously marries tradition with innovation, their wines exuding an essence of timeless elegance balanced with a dynamic freshness. Famous for producing exemplary white wines, mainly Chenin Blanc, the winery exhibits proficiency in crafting a stunning portfolio of both dry and extravagantly sweet wines.

Florent Baumard, the current proprietor, continually shows an almost uncanny ability to bring out the most intricate nuances from each vine. This ripper bloke's tireless devotion to retaining the natural integrity of the grapes bears testament to his sheer passion for winemaking - the wines are kept free of any artificialities, thereby reflecting the true essence of their terroir,

While proudly perpetuating familial winemaking traditions, Domaine des Baumard leads in innovative viticulture techniques. The restoration of the Quarts de Chaume's ancient walled vineyards to bottle treasured dessert wines, or the usage of bespoke glass closures to maintain the wines' integrity are notable examples.

Tasting a glass from Domaine des Baumard is like embarking on a journey through the Loire's veritable Eden, with its lush vineyards, abundant sunshine and ancient soils bestowing a distinct elegance to the wines. The winery's dedication to quality is unparallelled, marking its status as one of France's winemaking royals.

Whether you are fleeting wine enthusiast or a seasoned connoisseur, Domaine des Baumard with its bountiful offerings is a vineyard that will unarguably captivate your senses, and invites you to discover the magic of the Loire Valley.

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