Domaine Jean Defaix

Domaine Jean Defaix

About Domaine Jean Defaix

Domaine Jean Defaix is an acclaimed winery nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Burgundy, France. With a well-earned reputation for producing exceptional wines, this winery exudes the magic and tradition that is the essence of French viniculture.

Established over 400 years ago, this family-run estate has been meticulously cultivating Chardonnay vineyards for generations. The vineyard stretches across 27 hectares, with the terroir being primarily located in the prestigious Chablis region. It's within these mineral-rich, chalky soils that the quintessential character of Domaine Jean Defaix wines is shaped.

The winery maintains a firm commitment to sustainable practices and organic farming, ensuring the integrity and balance of the vineyard ecology. Chemicals are scrupulously avoided, promoting a natural cultivation process where authenticity in wine is achieved. Harvesting of the grape, and all viticulture practices are completed manually, preserving traditional values and honouring age-old winemaking traditions.

Intriguingly, Domaine Jean Defaix employs a distinct winemaking process, which contributes to its signature elegance and stellar quality. The use of cold fermentation and maturation in stainless steel vats intensifies the fruity profile and tangy finish of their wines, particularly, their acclaimed Chardonnay.

In the tasting room, each sip tells a tale of the seasoned hands that have laboured within the vineyard, where the passion for winemaking is effectively translated into the distinguished taste of the wine.

Domaine Jean Defaix is indeed a testament to the beauty and essence of French viticulture, creating an inviting and timeless destination for wine connoisseurs across the globe. The picturesque vineyards offer a captivating view that accompanies your tasting experience making it an unforgettable escapade.

More than just a wine-producer, Domaine Jean Defaix is an embodiment of French artistry in viniculture and an epitome, of indulgent delight in every sip. One only needs to sample their offering, to unleash this captivating experience. After all a wine is not merely a drink; it's a testament of the heart and soul of its creators.

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