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Domaine Lafage

About Domaine Lafage

Nestled amongst the rolling hills and pristine landscapes of Perpignan in France is the stunning Domaine Lafage winery. Belonging to renowned vintners, Jean-Marc and Eliane Lafage, this winery draws upon six generations of wine-growing wisdom to present some of the most acclaimed wines in the world.

Intricately designed, the vineyard stretches over an incredible 200 hectares, with the soil types varying considerably - from the heavy clay to the light, sandy loam. This diverse terrain allows for the cultivation of an extensive array of varietals including Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. The Lafages' meticulous care for these vineyards and their commitment to sustainable agriculture are paramount to the exquisite quality of their wines.

Domaine Lafage's wines have received acclaim on an international scale; their reputation firmly grounded in the quality of the terroir, and their unwavering dedication to creating wines that speak deeply of their roots. The vineyard's special emphasis is on crafting mono-varietal wines and single-vineyard selection, which showcase the individuality and distinctive character of the grapes.

Magic happens in the winery’s cellar area too. Here traditional methods seamlessly blend with state-of-the-art technology to make wines that have won over oenophiles globally. Fabled for its minimalist intervention approach, Domaine Lafage's winemaking process respects the vines, cherishing the authenticity and integrity of every grape.

Visiting Domaine Lafage is a experience in itself. The site boasts a charming wine shop and offers enlightening tours where visitors can learn about wine making processes, appreciate the beauty of the vineyards and of course, sample the acclaimed selection of wines.

In conclusion, Domaine Lafage, is more than just a winery. It's a testament to craft, tradition, and passion all bottled up into an exquisite ensemble.Heart and soul are poured into every wine they produce; making each bottle, a poetical testimony of their respect for the earth and its fruits.

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