About Fabiano

Situated in the heart of Italy’s renowned wine region, Fabiano Winery is a beacon of fine wine tradition and exceptional quality. This family-owned establishment, steeped in generations of lore, have been producing wines that resonate with both the local flavour and international standards since the early 1900s.

Fabiano Winery occupies a picturesque territory in Italy’s vivid Veneto region. Absorbed into the breathtaking landscapes and the gentle climate, its vineyards sprawl generously over the tranquil countryside. Crafting exquisite wines are part science, part art at Fabiano, and the secret ingredient to their globally admired produce lies in its ideal terroir; a perfect blend of sunlight, rain, and diligent care. The wines draw their distinct charisma and notes from the fertile soils that the vineyards stretch over, making every bottle of Fabiano wine a reflection of Italy’s wine heritage.

The winery's impressive, extensive collection has a wide range of choices for the discerning wine enthusiasts. From the velvety Amarone to the vibrant Soave, Fabiano's catalogue holds a wine for every palate and occasion. Among their most revered selection, the Valpolicella - a red wine varietal known for its rich, robust body - holds a special place for being deeply linked with the winery's heritage.

What makes Fabiano Winery truly special is its dedication towards sustainability and preservation of the delicate ecosystem of their vineyards. They employ environmentally friendly viticulture practices, ensuring that every glass poured from a Fabiano bottle is part of a sustainable cycle of wine-making magic.

Stepping into Fabiano business premises, visitors are engulfed by the rich aroma of fermenting grapes, an engaging showcase of the winery's arduous journey—from vine to wine. With a heritage that spans over a century and still stands strong, Fabiano Winery has indeed aged as well as the bottles it crafts.

The next time you crave a sip of Italian romance, remember the splendid Fabiano wines await your itinerary, ready to unfold their legacy through enchanting notes of fruit, flowers, and spices! Remember, Italian wines are more than just beverages they are a lingering taste of tradition, passion and the love for the finer things in life.

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