About Fantinel

Located in Italy's picturesque northeastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, stands the renowned Fantinel winery. This region is widely recognised for its rich viticultural tradition and is home to some of the finest vineyards in the world. The Fantinel family converted their passion for viniculture into an esteemed profession in 1969, creating a selection of wines that embody the essence of their environment.

The Fantinel winery is intrinsically linked to the beautiful terrains of Friuli. The fertile soil, along with the area’s favourable climate, provides the optimal conditions for the cultivation of several grape varieties. The family's dedication to preserving their ancestral traditions whilst incorporating modern techniques has made their wines an epitome of elegance and authenticity.

Spread across approximately 300 hectares of breathtaking vineyards, the winery boasts an impressive variety of wines. Its selection comprises a delightful range of white wines, beaming with refreshing undertones, as well as a captivating selection of red and rose wines, each displaying their taste-profiles distinctively. They are also famed for their Prosecco, an Italian bubbly that adds a touch of celebration to any moment.

Arguably one of the most impressive aspects of the Fantinel winery, however, is their unswerving focus on sustainability. The family has taken a conscious initiative to minimise their carbon footprint, putting considerable efforts to guarantee that their operations bring minimum disturbance to the wonderful nature surrounding them. They efficient water usage system and recycling practices make them leaders in eco-friendly winemaking.

In conclusion, Fantinel winery brilliantly marries tradition with innovation, creating an impressive array of wines that speak of their unique origins. It’s more than just a winery, it's a celebration of nature, or passion for viticulture, and dedication to outstanding craftsmanship. The real 'error' here would be not to take a sip of Fantinel's marvellous wines. Pardon the pun.

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