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Finca Allende

About Finca Allende

Nestled in the heart of the renowned Rioja wine region, the Finca Allende winery epitomises the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Since its inception in 1986, Finca Allende has become a beacon of progressive viticulture, enthralling the world with an exhilarating fusion of the time-honoured classic Rioja style with the modern vision of winemaking.

The vintners at this winery ardently believe in terroir, the unique characteristics of the land imparted to its produce. Finca Allende champions an ethos of 'rooted in the land', exemplifying their respect and devotion to the mesmerising 92 hectares of vineyard under their nurturance. The winery takes advantage of its location on the slopes of Mount , where the varying altitude and aspect of the vineyards allow the cultivation of diverse grape varieties with rich, unique flavours.

Under the inspirational leadership of Miguel Ángel de Gregorio, Finca Allende persistently experiments, introducing stainless steel fermentation tanks and French oak barrels over the traditional American oak to refine their wine's style. Endowed with an unrivalled sense of intuition and craftsmanship, de Gregorio's innovative techniques have propelled Finca Allende to new heights with wines that exhibit astonishing depth, complexity and elegance.

Visitors to Finca Allende are greeted with a spectrum of delights. From tastings where the exceptional expressiveness of the wines can be savoured; to tours across the scenic vineyards, and the winery’s unmistakable contemporary architecture - a bold statement of Finca Allende’s pioneering spirit.

Whether one is an aficionado or a novice venturing into the mesmerising world of wines, Finca Allende offers an unparalleled, multifaceted experience, Truly a haven where tradition meets innovation, meet Finca Allende.

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