About Framingham

Framingham Wines is an award-winning winery renowned for producing some of New Zealand's finest wines. Nestled in the heart of the world-famous Marlborough region, they began their prestigious journey in 1981 by producing the country's first commercially viable Riesling. Over the decades, Framingham winery has stayed true to its roots, cementing its position as a prominent boutique winery with a penchant for producing exquisite Rieslings, amongst other varietals.

The winery is located in the quaint township of Renwick, which boasts an alluring view of the Wairau Valley's picturesque landscapes. And this isn't just about aesthetics; the region's unique climates and rich alluvial soils are the secret to Framingham's distinctively flavourful wines. Year-round sunshine, paired with cooling ocean breezes; ensures the grapes achieve the perfect balance of ripeness and acidity. Resulting in Framingham's wines being applauded for their intensity of flavour and their harmonious balance, characteristic of all Marlborough wines. This unique terroir combined with their meticulous wine-making process results in wines that are a true reflection of the land

Framingham isn't constrained by traditions, despite being home to one of the region's oldest vineyards. The winery continually innovates with different grape varietals and wine-making techniques to push the boundaries of what Marlborough wine can be. This includes producing small lots of experimental wines; each year, adding an intricate layer of intrigue to the Framingham repertoire. This adventurous spirit, combined with respect for the craft, ensures that Framingham never just rests on their laurels.

Visitors to the Framingham winery are invited to delve into the ambient underground cellar, where they can sample the latest releases as well as some carefully cellared library wines. Their bespoke tastings offer an intimate and relaxed experience that will leave you with a deep appreciation of Marlborough wines’ intricacies and the passion and craftsmanship that is poured into every bottle.

In conclusion, Framingham winery is more than a vineyard, it is a testament to the timeless art of winemaking; where the dance between nature, science and the human touch create wines that are enchanting. enchanting.

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